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本文摘要:文 | 季益广101.他将面临偷窃、伪造和做假账的指控。He will face allegations of theft, forgery and false _____.102.总统预计这可以从某一方面缓解自己所蒙受的国际社会压力。The President is _____ that this will somehow relieve the international pressure on him.103. 革新将会推动经济生长,带来我们所需要的繁荣局势。


文 | 季益广101.他将面临偷窃、伪造和做假账的指控。He will face allegations of theft, forgery and false _____.102.总统预计这可以从某一方面缓解自己所蒙受的国际社会压力。The President is _____ that this will somehow relieve the international pressure on him.103. 革新将会推动经济生长,带来我们所需要的繁荣局势。

The reform would get the economy going and give us the _____ that we need.104.我选择出国事情以求在事业上有更好的生长。I chose to work abroad to improve my career _____.105.一份陈诉指出了当前体制存在的毛病。

A report has pointed out the _____ of the present system.106.我们已经制定了将更多资金投入应用研究的计划。We have made plans to put more money into _____ research.107.纺织业对于致力于工业化的国家来说是个比力稳妥的工业。Textiles are a good _____ for a country bent on industrialization.108.为什么英国要坚持削减其军事防御能力?Why does Britain _____ in running down its defense forces?109.政府将加速其私有化计划的历程。

The government is to _____ privatization program.110.他连着做过几份让他颇为收益的事情。He took a _____ of jobs which have stood him in good stead. 111.这些价钱调控措施与信奉自由市场的自由主义者所提倡的经济原则完全南辕北辙。These kinds of price controls go against all the financial principles of the free market _____.112.这是恒久进化的一定效果,在这一历程中,我们首先从事汗如雨下的体力劳动,然后是工业劳动,最后生长到脑力劳动。This is the _____ result of a long evolution in which we moved from working by the sweat of our brow and by muscle to industrial work and finally to knowledge work.113.经济增长仍然与贫困,社会公正和资源掩护等问题精密相连。

Economic growth is still _____ to the issues of poverty, social justice and conservation.114.这本书预计会占据脱销书排行榜的榜首。This book is expected to _____ the best-seller lists.115.他经济政策的焦点是严格控制钱币的供应。The _____ of his economic policy was keeping tight control over money supply.116.我们这一代经由二战的人都真切地记恰当时的渺茫和无助。People of my generation who lived through World War II have _____ memories of confusion and incompetence.117.我以为从道义上我必须资助他。

I felt morally _____ to help him.118.事实证据和法庭证据使得自杀成为解开他死因之谜的最令人信服的谜底。Factual and forensic evidence makes a suicide verdict the most _____ answer to the mystery of his death.119.我们的社会从多方面助长了酗酒的民风。In many ways, our society actively _____ alcoholism.120.各银行贷出去太多高风险贷款,现在无法收回,他们还举行地产投机,而地产价值已经下跌了。

The banks made too many risky loans which now can’t be repaid, and they _____ in property whose value has now dropped.121.仪式是经心计划的,笼罩着一层神秘的色彩。It is an elaborate ceremony, shrouded in _____.122.这是一项旨在阻止臭氧层破坏的国际协议。

This is an international agreement aimed at halting the _____ of the ozone layer.123.他们就会着名,但如果照现在这样子生长下去,他们会自毁前程。They’re going to be famous, but unless something happens, they’re going to _____.124.潜意识里的嫉妒常体现为这种狂妄自大。_____ envy manifests itself very often as this kind of arrogance.125.负疚感会具有很强的杀伤力。

Guilt can be very _____.126.他是经济革新的总设计师。He is the chief _____ of economic reform.127.对于生活,他变得豁达洒脱了。

He has grown _____ about life.128.我们迁往一座小镇,置身于一派树篱和田野的新景致中。We moved to a small town and a new _____ of hedges and fields.129.一个棋手必须具有富厚的想象力,并善于奇思妙想。A chess player must have a _____ imagination and rich sense of fantasy.130.那份文件的简练明晰给我留下深刻的印象。The document impressed me with its _____ simplicity.131.我们分析了政府资金已往的使用情况。

We did an _____ of the way that government money has been spent in the past.132.他的许多影戏都获得了庞大的乐成。Many of his movies had been _____ successful.133.英国式的社会主义越发注重革新而不是革命。The British _____ of socialism was more interested in reform than revolution.134.宪法授予他某些权力。The constitution had _____ him with certain powers.135.希望这次谈话能使你对我们正在开展的事情有一些较深入的相识。

I hope that this talk has given you some _____ into the kind of work that we’ve been doing.136.公司有时会通过赔本出售来将对手挤垮,从而提高其市园地位。A firm might sometimes sell at a loss to drive a competitor out of business, and _____ increase its market power.137.银行已为开发新的金融产物留出了更大的余地。Banks had increased _____ to develop new financial products.138.他负担了监视选举的困难任务。

He _____ the arduous task of monitoring the elections.139.我们全部和他们举行了面谈,效果约翰在求职者中脱颖而出。We all spoke to them and John emerged as the best _____.140.这家公司看来很有掌握在中国取得最大突破。The company looks poised to make a significant _____ in China.141.你到场到体育运动中的时候,许多种族隔离就消失了。When you got involved in sports and athletes, a lot of the racial _____ are broken down.142.航空公司所投的保险公司有责任向受害者眷属赔付损害赔偿金。

The airlines insurer is _____ for damages to the victims’ families.143.本次讨论重点在于探讨如何建设外交关系。The discussion focuses on how to explore the _____ of diplomatic relations.144.他是上智大学科学院的院长。He is _____ of the Science Faculty of Sophia University.145.许多女人在丈夫去世之后只好独自供养一家人。Many women are left as the _____ providers in families after their husband has died.146.太多的时候,我们仅仅凭据在杂志上面所看到的工具就作出了决议。

Too often we made decisions based _____ upon what we see in the magazines.147.科威特沙漠下面有庞大的石油储量。There is a huge oil _____ beneath the Kuwait desert.148.我们在签协议之前另有一些未尽事宜待解决。

We still have some _____ issues to resolve before we’ll have a treaty that is ready to sign.149.他们被控犯有反人类罪。They face charges of committing crimes against _____.150.这位女士称她被降职后被迫去职,属于推定开除。

The woman claims she was the victim of _____ dismissal after being demoted.151.世界各国科学家一致认为在未来十几年里地球有可能变暖。The _____ amongst the world’s scientists is that the world is likely to warm up over the next few decades.152. 我们要想保持诚信可靠,就绝不能避忌武力的正当使用。We must not _____ from the legitimate use of force if we are to remain credible.153.他们意识到自己有些价钱高于竞争对手,就相应调整了价钱。

They realized that some of their prices were higher than their competitors’ and _____ prices accordingly.154.一个革新的政党需要赢得人民的认可。A _____ party would have to win the approval of the people.155.只有认可有些事情在某些时候会出问题才是现实的。

It’s only _____ to acknowledge that something, some time, will go wrong.156.一直以来该报,该报品评政府的态度最为坚定。The newspaper has been the most consistent _____ of the government.157.市政会就农业修建的使用情况举行了观察。The council conducted a _____ of the uses to which farm buildings are put.158.他的眼睛睁开了,看到的一切都是颠倒的。

His eyes were open and everything he saw was _____ down.159. 这些新的统计数据证实经济衰退已经严重到我们最为担忧的田地。These new statistics _____ our worst fears about the depth of recession.160.有些时候,你会怀疑造化弄人,现在就是如此。It was just one of those times when you wonder whether the _____ conspire against you.161.他说出最后两个词时,吓得声音哆嗦。

He made his voice _____ with fear on these last two words.162.警方已清除因抢劫而杀人的可能。Police have ruled out robbery as a _____ for the killing.163.纪律是有须要的,但绝不是保证学习成效的充实条件。Discipline is necessary, but certainly not a _____ conditions for learning to take place.164.他已经去前台了,可能是要管理退房手续。He had gone to the reception desk, _____ to check out.165.他在给法官的信中认可自己吸毒。

He _____, in a letter to the judge, that he was a drug addict.166.我想我会吸收你到场学校的一个艺术团。I thought I’d _____ you with an art group at the school.167.这个问题引发了一个道德上的两难决议。The issue raises a moral _____.168.家庭在以种种各样的资产形式积累财富。Households _____ wealth across a broad spectrum of assets.169.下面的图表显示了小我私家欠债和小我私家收入之比。

The bottom chart shows the _____ of personal debt to personal income.170.银行对日趋加大的通货膨胀压力感应担忧。The bank is worried about mounting _____ pressures.171.纵然国家利益不尽相同,我们也可以化敌为友。

Old enemies can become new friends even if all their national interests are not in complete _____.172.这些要求被置之不理。他关于支付租金的要求有时也同样未被理睬。These requests are ignored. His requests for rent are _____ sometimes ignored.173.俄语在学校课程设置中是一门必修的外语课。

Russian is the one compulsory foreign language on the school _____.174.政治稳定将放在首位。Political stability will be a _____ concern.175.绝大多数人口都是城镇住民。

Most of the population is an _____ population.176.在许多社会中,年轻人将自己看成是高度活跃的分子,是厘革的推动者和世界的塑造者。In many societies young men regard themselves as highly active, the _____ of change, shapers of the world.177.不外,事情流程从那以后就险些没有任何变化。

The _____ of the job, however, have changed little since then.178.他们在全国的有线电视网上投放商业广告。They run commercials on _____ systems across the country.179.如果警报器获得广泛的安装,成千上万的生命就可能被挽救。Hundreds of lives could be saved if the _____ of alarms was more widespread.180.我对这位严肃的剧作家在美国的运气颇为忧虑。I am _____ about the fate of the serious playwright in America.181.这也使得我愈加不相信恋爱。

It has also made me more _____ about relationships.182.这个乐队通过到北美各地演出打响了知名度。The group built their reputation by playing across the length and _____ of North America.183.这种新型的徒步旅行沐日重在愉悦身心,而不是为了磨炼耐力。The new _____ of walking holidays puts the emphasis on enjoyment, not endurance.184.为了便于讨论,不妨假定我们乐成地建设了一个令人满足的数据库。Let’s assume for the _____ of argument that we manage to build a satisfactory database.185.上演一台歌剧是一项浩荡的工程,说是要涉及数以百计的人真是一点也不夸张。

Putting on an opera is a tremendous enterprise involving _____ hundreds of people.186.如今许多人不再费心思举行婚礼。Lots of people don’t _____ to go through a marriage ceremony these days.187.在招收盘算机系统工程专业的学生时,这个大学看重的是学生的综合能力。In _____ students to Computer System Engineering, the University looks for evidence of all-round ability.188.我们要使学生熟悉这种到场课堂教学的新思维方式。We should _____ students to the new ways of thinking about their participation in classroom learning.189.看来北非经济体险些注定还将已欧洲为主导。

It seems almost inevitable that North Africa economics will still be primarily _____ towards Europe.190.他们首先会派一些训练有素的护士来评估每个病人的需求。They will first send in trained nurses to _____ the needs of the individual situation.191.我们担忧难以平衡更多支出和更高税率之间的综合关系。

We fear the _____ between higher spending and higher taxation.192.总统将提出解决国家宪法危机的新提案。The President is to put forward new _____ for resolving the country’s constitutional crisis.193.最重要的一个变化涉及养老保险基金的投资。One of the most important changes concerns the _____ of pension contributions.194.这些较年轻的球员的优势是他们并不背负以往失利的负担。

The good thing about these younger players is that they are not carrying any _____ baggage from less successful times.195.通货膨胀的危险在证券价钱上已经体现得很显着。The threat of inflation is already _____ in bond prices.196.这些单元让孩子们接触到有关某一特定问题的多种看法。These units _____ children to many viewpoints of a given issue.197.差别的学校有差别的教学计划,从高度学术的到普通职业教育的,纷歧而足。Different schools teach different types of syllabus, from the highly _____ to the broadly vocational.198.许多十几岁的孩子既缺乏自信又不够懂事,所以情感上十分懦弱。

Lacking self-confidence and _____, many teenagers are left feeling very vulnerable.199.我们对无家可归现象和住房购置能力举行了一次观察。We did a research into homelessness and housing _____.200.对可卡因上瘾的人从那些懂相关知识的事情人员那里获得了专业化的资助。Cocaine addicts get _____ support from knowledgeable staff.谜底:101 accounting 102 calculating 103 boost 104 prospects 105 defects 106 applied 107 bet 108 persist 109 accelerate 110 succession 111 liberals 112 logical 113 bound 114 dominate 115 pillar 116 vivid 117 compelled 118 compelling 119 promotes 120 speculated 121 mystery 122 destruction 123 self-destruct 124 unconscious 125 destructive 126 architect 127 philosophical 128 landscape 129 fertile 130 elegant 131 analysis 132 spectacularly 133 brand 134 invested 135 insight 136 thereby 137 scope 138 undertook 139 candidate 140 breakthrough 141 barriers 142 liable 143 establishment 144 Dean 145 sole 146 solely 147 reservoir 148 outstanding 149 humanity 150 constructive 151 consensus 152 shrink 153 revised 154 reformed 155 realistic 156 critic 157 survey 158 upside 159 confirm 160 fates 161 quiver 162 motive 163 sufficient 164 presumably 165 acknowledged 166 enroll 167 dilemma 168 accumulate 169 ratio 170 inflationary 171 accord 172 likewise 173 curriculum 174 prime 175 urban 176 agents 177 mechanics 178 cable 179 installation 180 gloomy 181 cynical 182 breadth 183 breed 184 sake 185 literally 186 bother 187 recruiting 188 orient 189 oriented 190 evaluate 191 equation 192 proposals 193 investment 194 excess 195 evident 196 exposed 197 academic 198 maturity 199 affordability 200 specialized。





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