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超越索尼任天堂 英伟达有望催生游戏业下一个大事件

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Nvidia wants to do for gaming what Spotify did for music.英伟达想像音乐界的Spotify一样,在游戏界引发波澜。...

本文摘要:Nvidia wants to do for gaming what Spotify did for music.英伟达想像音乐界的Spotify一样,在游戏界引发波澜。


Nvidia wants to do for gaming what Spotify did for music.英伟达想像音乐界的Spotify一样,在游戏界引发波澜。Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and co-founder of the chipset and graphic card maker, says gaming on TV right now is focused on the console. However, he believes Nvidia can expand the reach of gaming 10 to 100 times if it can make gaming more accessible by simplifying delivery of titles to a single click.这家芯片和显示卡制造商的首席执行官兼任牵头创始人黄仁勋回应,目前的电视游戏基本上都是通过游戏机操作者的。

但他坚信,如果英伟达能修改游戏的交付给过程,玩家只需用力一点就能取得各种游戏,该公司就能使玩家群体不断扩大10倍到100倍。Nvidia, based in Santa Clara, Calif., is launching its new Shield console, which is a high-powered Android TV device combined with the Nvidia Grid game streaming service, in May for $200. Unlike other consoles currently on the market, the Shield streams all of its content—no downloads or discs required.总部坐落于加州圣克拉拉市的英伟达公司,将要于5月份发售全新的“盾”(Shield)游戏机,这是一台高性能的安卓电视设备,将配备英伟达Grid游戏流媒体服务,售价为200美元。

与市面上其他游戏机有所不同,“盾”所有的游戏都是通过流媒体来启动时的,也就是说,需要iTunes或用于光盘。“We don’t see Shield Console competing with PS4 or Xbox One consumers,” says Matt Wuebbling, director of Shield and GeForce marketing at Nvidia. “We see this as a streaming device that delivers both entertainment and gaming in 4K. We look at it as a paradigm shift, rather than a head-to-head competition.” According to Wuebbling, Shield is the only Android TV device and only gaming device that supports 4K (Ultra HD) content on the market.英伟达“盾”与GeForce显示卡事业部营销总监马特o维布林回应:“我们毫无疑问‘盾’是在和PS4或Xbox One抢夺用户。在我们眼里,这是一台流媒体设备,它能启动时4K格式的娱乐节目和游戏。

我们指出这是一种模式的转变,而不是一场势均力敌的对决。”据他讲解,“盾”是市面上唯一一台反对4K格式内容的安卓电视设备和游戏机。Peter Warman, CEO of video game research firm Newzoo, says Nvidia has an opportunity to succeed with Shield in regions where traditional consoles have not, particularly in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Even in the larger markets where Sony and Microsoft have a large foothold, the lower price point and collection of 200 digital games at launch could lure gamers.游戏研究公司Newzoo的首席执行官彼得o沃尔曼称之为,凭借“盾”这一利器,在那些传统游戏机还并未大行其道的地方,特别是在是东欧、拉美和亚洲地区,英伟达未来将会大获得顺利。

就算在那些规模较小,早就被索尼和微软公司瓜分掉大部分份额的市场,“盾”的便宜售价及其装载的200款数字游戏也能更有大批玩家。“Nvidia sees first-hand how the traditional consoles are in a gridlock because of their traditional tie-in with retail,” Warman says. “By launching a high-end, completely digital solution, developers will have a lot more freedom in launching and monetizing their content, comparable to what they are used to on PC. As others are investing billions of dollars in acquiring streaming technology, patents and companies, Nvidia might just have the best solution.”沃尔曼回应:“由于跟传统的零售渠道绑在一起,传统游戏机往往不会遭遇发展瓶颈,英伟达回应深有体会。通过发售高端显数字化解决方案,游戏开发者发售游戏并设法赚时,就有了更大的维度,这与他们在PC时代所习惯的模式有天壤之别。就在其他厂商争相投放巨资并购流媒体技术、专利和公司时,英伟达有可能早就利器挥,胜券在握。

”This expansion into manufacturing and marketing branded gaming hardware is quite a change for Nvidia. The company is primarily known as the maker of Tegra chipsets, which power everything from smartphones to the entertainment systems in cars, and GeForce graphics cards. Nvidia shipped the Shield portable in July 2013 and the Shield tablet in July 2014. Both of those devices remain on the market today, with prices starting at $200 and $300, respectively.对英伟达来说,扩展到生产领域并必要营销品牌游戏机,是一次根本性改变。这家公司早年以生产图睿芯片和GeForce显示卡而享有盛名业界。


Lewis Ward, gaming research manager at IDC, believes Nvidia entered the games hardware space because Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all decided to use technology from Nvidia’s competitor AMD for their latest consoles (Sony and Microsoft previously used Nvidia technology for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.)国际数据公司游戏业研究经理路易斯o沃德指出,英伟达之所以转入游戏硬件领域,是因为索尼、微软公司和任天堂公司争相要求在其近期游戏机上用于英伟达的死对头——AMD公司的技术(而索尼PlayStation 3和微软公司Xbox 360用于的均是英伟达的技术)。“Nvidia has the chipsets and it’s not a massive RD investment to transition to a fully commercialized hardware service,” Ward says. “Nvidia is not going to win this console battle, but it’ll carve out a niche of the HD TV gaming experience that will make investors happy and please the rabid gaming fan base.”沃德称之为:“英伟达本来就自产芯片,要改向几乎商业化的硬件服务并不需要巨额研发投放。英伟达并不想夺得这场游戏机大战,但它不会拓展出有一片高清电视游戏体验的细分市场,这不会让投资者失望,也不会让游戏迷们大呼过瘾。

”Ward sees the Shield console as an innovative product that also serves as an example of what can be done with Nvidia’s Tegra chips and Grid streaming technology. It’s a proof-of-concept that Ward believes Nvidia would ultimately sell to an original equipment manufacturer for the right price.沃德指出“盾”是一款创意产品,也是用来证明英伟达图睿芯片和Grid流媒体技术实力的绝佳相比较。这也是一款具有概念检验性质的产品。沃德坚信,英伟达最后不会以适合的价格把它卖给一家完整设备生产商。






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